Modern Algebra Fall 2016
Instructions for Exam Solutions

  1. Working in a group of 3 - 5 students, work out correct answers to all the exam questions.  You may consult any reference and discuss your questions with anyone you wish, including me.  The objective is to turn in a completed exam that is 100% correct.

  2. Each group member is required to study the correct solutions for items he or she missed on the exam.  If asked, you should be prepared to explain what you did wrong when you took the exam and what the correction is.

  3. Your group will turn in one completed exam paper, with the names of all group members.  For this purpose, blank copies of the exam will be made available in class and/or on blackboard.

  4. I will grade the handed in exam solutions and return them to one member of each group.  Your individual score for this assignment will be the score assigned to the entire group.   Each member of the group should be given a copy of the returned paper for his or her course records. 

  5. You are free to consult any authority or reference you wish, including other students, our text, and me.  However, please review the academic integrity policy on group work (paragraph 4).

Rationale for Exam Solutions.   Errors on exams show some amount of misunderstanding of the material, and working on solutons is your chance to learn the ideas you missed.  If a group's solutions do not show mastery of this material, for example because there are still incorrect answers to some of the exam items, that indicates to me that the group members do not care very much about whether they understand the missed items.