Modern Algebra Fall 2016
Comments on the second exam

Scores for the first exam have been posted on blackboard.  Exams will be returned in class on Tuesday, 11/15/16.  It is important that you come to class to pick up your exam because you are assigned to work with a group to produce a complete set of correct solutions that will be due Tuesday, 11/22.  Exam solutions are a required component for the course portfolio.  Specific directions are given here

When you get your exam, please double check that I have added up the points correctly and also that the score on your paper is the same as the one posted on blackboard.  I try hard not to make errors totaling or recording scores.  But if an error has been made, I will want to correct it as soon as possible.

The exam scores are shown in the first histogram below.  Scores have been rounded up to the nearest integer, so if your scored an 84.5, it will appear in the histogram as an 85.  The second histogram shows each student's average for two exams.  It shows, for example, that one student has an exam average of 99, another has an exam average of 89, and two students have exam averages of 85.

exam 1 histogram

The results are again lower than I expected.  This will be discussed further in class on Tuesday.