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12/10/2016 Click here for information about the final exam and my office hour schedule.
12/9/2016 I have updated the scatter plot distributed in my email of 11/2 showing problems completed and average scores for each student in the course.  The updated plot reflects all of the regular homework set scores as posted in the blackboard gradebook yesterday.  I have also added rough letter grades to the plot.  These are tentative, and may change slightly as I think more about how to take into account the fact that some students did several fewer problems than others.  But these rough grades should give you some idea of where your homework score stands.  The updated plot is here.  Keep in mind that the overall portfolio score will be based on the regular homework set grade, as well as polished work compilations,  exam solutions, and reading logs.  I have also posted this solution key to the homework from sections 8.1 and 8/2.

As discussed in class today, the final exam will be cumulative and weighted equally with the two prior exams.  It will be similar in length to the prior exams.  About half of the points on the exam will be for problems covering the material we have studied since the second midterm: 7.8, 8.1, and 8.2.  The other half will be about the material up to and including section 7.7.  More information about the exam will be posted soon.
11/13/2016 As discussed in class last week, there appears to have been widespread misunderstanding of the rules I had in mind for homework problems.  Consequently, I am revising the relative weights of exams and portfolios in determining final course grades.  The new weights are 25% for each exam and 25% for the portfolio.
11/2/2016 The Assignment Sheet has been updated again, delaying due dates after today by one class meeting.  The class schedule has also been updated.
11/13/2016 The exams have been graded and will be returned in class on Tuesday.  Scores have been posted on blackboard.  Please see this webpage for information about how the class performed.
11/6/2016 We will have an exam this Friday,  11/11/2016, covering 7.1 through 7.7.  The types of questions for which you should be prepared will be the same as for the first exam, as was detailed in the  exam 1 info  posted earlier.   Also, the assignment sheet has been updated with new assignments, including a compilation of * problems and a group project to write a set of exam solutions.   Do not forget to bring your portfiolio to the exam for review.
11/2/2016 The Assignment Sheet has been updated.  In particular, I will not be collecting Friday's assignment, and I removed all the *s from the assignments that will go directly in your portfolio.  I will post a solution key for the problems in those assignments next week before the exam.
10/5/2016 The Assignment Sheet and Schedule have been updated.  In particular, we will be taking an additional class period for section 7.4, and the assignment for 7.4  is being postponed by one class meeting.   Other changes have also been made, so please discard any printed or saved copies of the assignment sheet and schedule.
10/5/2016 The Assignment Sheet has been updated.
10/2/2016 The exams have been graded and will be returned in class on Tuesday.  Please see this webpage for information about how the class performed, and important information about upcoming assignments and class activities.
9/25/2016 Here are detailed instructions for the first polished work assignment, including a list of problems to include.
9/25/2016 Here is information about our upcoming exam.
9/20/2016 The Assignment Sheet has been updated.  In particular, note that a polished work assignment will be due on Friday, October 7.  Also, we will have an exam on Friday, September 30, covering everything up to and including Section 3.3. 
9/7/2016 As discussed in class, here are discussion questions for section 2.1.   Please review these before you begin the reading assignment for Friday.
9/5/2016 Reminders:  Homowork from section 1.1 will be collected tomorrow.  I will answer questions about the section 1.2 assignment.  Section 1.3 is assigned reading for tomorrow.  Here are discussion questions that may be asked in class. 
8/24/2016 Before coming to class Tuesday, please print out and fill in this survey.  Bring it to class with you.  Also please review the following documents linked in the table above: Course Info, Course Objectives, Integrity, Portfolio, Tentative Schedule, Homework Information, and Assignment Sheet.  I strongly suggest reviewing these before the first class, so you can ask any questions you might have.
8/24/2016  Are you ready for Modern Algebra?  Do you know how to write proofs?  Do you have a strong mastery of basic set theory and function concepts?  Before the start of classes, please read this webpage and review as necessary to prepare for our class.