Math 412/612 Modern Algebra Fall 2016
Are you ready for modern algebra?

Students in modern algebra are expected to know how to write proofs, and to have a basic understanding of set theory and functions.  This material is covered in Math 403/603, and is a prerequisite for modern algebra.  A brief review of this material is given in Appendices A and B in our text.  A pdf file for this material is posted on our blackboard site for students who do not yet have a book.  Feel free to download a copy, but please do not share it with anyone or post it on the internet anywhere.  If you are not confident of your command of this material, please read the appendices and then test your knowledge by completing all of the exercises on this page, plus exercises 5, 19, 27, and 28 of  Appendix B in the text.  If you find these exercises difficult or unfamiliar, please send me an email right away.