Math.321.001 Differential Equations
Fall 2016 Course Information

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Dan Kalman
Letts Hall  LL5D  (Lower level, entrance located opposite the health center)
Phone 885-3122
Office Hours: Tu 1-2 PM, W 11AM-12:30 PM, Th 1:30-3 PM, F 1-3 PM.  See schedule below.
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Course Info

Text: Differential Equations, edition 4, by Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall w DE Tools access code
        Get more details about the text, including a required software package.

Objectives:  See this webpage.      Also read Is this the right differential equations course for you?

Academic Integrity (cheating and its consequences): See this webpage.

Grades: Final Exam - 32%, 2 in-class exams - 24% each, course portfolio - 20%

Course Webpage: Go to and click the link for Differential Equations

Attendance & Missed Exams: See this webpage

Course Design and Homework Assignments by Robert Devaney


Each week, most students should spend 3 to 6 hours out of class for a three credit course (based on a 12 to 15 credit load and a 40 to 50 hour full time week).

Homework will be a combination of traditional problems and computer labs.  See Homework Details .

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Final Exam (11:20AM)

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