Differential Equations -- Fall 2016

Information about the second exam

The second exam will be given in class on Friday, 11/4, and will cover the following:
On Tuesday, 11/1, class will be dedicated to reviewing for the exam.  To get the most out of this review session, you should get started on your studying well before Tuesday's class.

The expectations on this exam will be similar to those for the first exam: you should be able to demonstrate understanding and proper use of concepts, definitions, theorems, notation, terminology, and the various kinds of graphs we have used.  And of course you should be able to use established procedures to solve problems.   

The review problems on the assignment sheet may help you prepare.  You are not required to do them all, but they are types of problems that would be reasonable to include on an exam.  In addition, here is a sample exam.  It has a sample of questions of various types, but is not intended as a comprehensive review.  There will certainly be questions on the exam that are not like the ones on the sample, and vice versa. 

Portfolios will be reviewed again at this exam, so please remember to bring yours to class, and also remember to take it with you after the exam.

Section 3.6 is not covered on this exam, but you should study it on your own.  An assignment from the section is due on 11/11, but you should work on it before class on  11/8, when time will be provided for discussing any questions you have.  Also, don't forget that the second lab project is due on 11/8.