Math.321.001 Differential Equations Fall 2016

About the Textbook

Differential Equations  4th Edition
by Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney, and Glen R. Hall

Cover of the book

As a means of controlling textbook costs, this class will use the 4th Edition of the text named above.  A later edition is now available, so the 4th edition may not be available from the publisher or in our campus bookstore.  As of May 2016, there are many new and used copies of the 4th edition available on the internet.  However, if this edition is used in other schools in the fall, the number of available copies may suddenly drop.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that students order a copy as early as possible.

Don't Buy Any Edition of Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall's Differential Equations Except the 4th Edition

no matter what you see at the book store or its website.   To help you find the correct edition, here are the ISBN numbers for the second edition:

 ISBN-13: 978-1133109037        ...          ISBN-10: 1133109039

It is important that every student have a copy of the text by the first day of class.

In addition to the text, students will need to have access to a suite of software utilities called DE Tools.  If you purchase a new copy of the text, it may include an access card for the software.  If not, it appears that free access is available directly from the publisher either as a zip file to be installed or as an executable file that you just put on your computer and open. Alternatively, you may be able to find the software elsewhere on the internet by searching for detools software.  However, be sure you get the right software.   Some of the links that turn up in a google search are for different differential equation tool packages.  Below is a screen shot of what appears when you start the DE Tools program that we will be using.