Calculus 1 -- Fall 2017

Results from second exam

The class turned in another strong performance on this exam.  The scores from exam 2 have been posted at our Blackboard site.  When you get your paper back, please check that the score posted on Blackboard is correct.  You should also add the points up on the exam to be sure I did not make an error.  Keep in mind that in the total score, values of 1/3 and 2/3 were both rounded to 1/2.

I have prepared a handout with comments I recorded as I was doing the grading.  That will be handed back with the exams.

Below are histograms both for this exam and for each student's average for two exams.  For the histrograms all scores were rounded to the nearest whole number, and scores ending in .5 were rounded up.  The first histogram shows, for example, that two students earned the class high score of 95 (after rounding), and there were 6 scores (roughly 40% of the class) at or above above 92 on the second exam.  The second histogram shows that 8 students (out of 15) have an exam average above 90 after two exams.

Histograms After Two Exams

Progress to Date

At this point, all but 3 of the students are on track to earn at least a B- in this course.   The exam averages are so high that some might be concerned that grade inflation is occurring.  However, based on experience, it is likely that scores will go down somewhat in the final third of the course, due to  increasing difficulty of the material and  general student fatique.   So, even if you are completely satisfied with where you  stand right now, don't get complacent!  To keep  your performance at the same level, you need to keep working as hard or harder as in the first 2/3 of the semester. 

Half or more of this exam tested procedures and specific methods, and most students demonstrated a good command of this material.  Unfortunately, there were also a few students who appear not to have mastered major portions of the material we covered.  In some cases, I suspect this reflects insufficient dedication  -- that is, not doing enough homework and studying.  Any students in this category should take note: even if you are on track for a satisfactory grade today, a poor performance on the final could result in a grade of D or F.  At the same time, any student who is making a dedicated effort with class attendance, homework, and studying, but who still is not doing well on exams, is invited to come and discuss the situation with me in my office.

Exam Solutions

I am again asking students to work in groups and prepare a set of exam solutions.  The solutions will be due on Tuesday 11/14.  The projects should follow the same guidelines as before.