Math.221.004 Calculus 1  Fall 2017

Worksheets and Class Handouts

Our class this semester may skip some of these.  What will be covered and when will be announced in class.

Worksheet 1: Finding a Tangent Line
Worksheet 2: Estimating Derivatives
Worksheet 3: The Chain Rule
Worksheet 4: Differentiation Rules
Worksheet 4 Solutions
Differential Equations Overview:  powerpoint file   OR   pdf
Handout on Euler's Method
Excel Spreadsheet for Euler's Method
Group work: Cutting Corners to Make a Box with Maximal Volume
Lecture notes: paddock max/min prob
Group work: telecom max/min prob
Worksheet 5: Related Rates Worksheet with expanded directions
Worksheet 6: Area under a curve
Worksheet 7: Oil draining from a tank
Net Change: Chemical Reaction
Graphical Evaluation of Definite Integral Functions
Substitution Method Examples and Exercises
Handout: Some Separable Differential Equations