Math.155.002 Elementary Math Models
Fall 2017 Technology Info

I have developed a suite of  Excel files that can be used to explore various kinds of models that we will study this semester.  These are documents that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.  If you have a laptop or desktop computer with excel installed, you can simply download these files from our course website and open them in excel.  If you don't have excel, you can download MSOffice 365 from the MyAmerican portal.   Having the ability to use these excel files will make many of the homework assignments easier and more meaningful.

Graphing Calculator
A graphing calculator can be very handy in this course.  The calculator I know best is a TI-83, and I will sometimes demonstrate its use in class.  If you have a TI-83 calculator, or something similar, you may want to bring it to class for use with in-class activities and to follow along with demonstrations.  For students who do not have such a calculator, it is a matter of personal preference whether or not to get a calculator just for the course.  For exams, you should probably have at least a scientific calculator that has buttons for exponents, logs, and ex.  Calculator Apps on smart phones will not allowed on exams.

The in-class demonstrations will be presented with an emulated version of a TI-83 calculator.  This is a program that runs on a laptop with Windows 7, and may work on other platforms as well, though I have not tested any.  If you wish to download it and try it on your computer, go to

Note: download and install this software at your own risk.  I cannot vouch for its safety or reliability.

Mathematical Word Processing
MS Word has built in operations for including mathematical symbols such as fractions, square root symbols, exponents and subscripts.  For more information about this, click here.