Elementary Math Models -- Fall 2017

Results for Exam 2

This webpage will give an overview of how the class performed as a whole on the exam.  You can find your individual score posted on Blackboard.  When you get the exam back in class, double check that the score on your paper is the same as what is recorded on blackboard.  Also, add up your points for the entire exam and double check that I have the right total for your paper.  I am very careful totalling and recording scores, but mistakes CAN occur.

Grading Comments.  Everyone should receive a sheet of comments about specific errors on the exam.  These should be helpful when you are working on the exam solutions.  If you do not receive one, or need an extra copy, it is available here:   http://www.dankalman.net/AUhome/classes/classesF15/emm/exam2/exam2notes.pdf.

Class Performance.
 The first histogram below shows all of the scores for the second exam.  The scores are rounded to the nearest whole number (with scores of the form xx.5 rounded up), so if you got an 86.5 that would appear as an 87 on the graph.  The graph shows 11 scores of 90 or above, 12 scores in the 80s, and 4 in the 70s.   The second histogram shows each student's exam average for the two exams we have completed.  Almost every one is on track to earn a B or better in the course at this point, and no one appears to be at great risk for a grade below C right now.  But as we progress in the material, it will continue to get harder.  So if your exam average is below 75, especially if your score went down on the second exam, you should probably be thinking about ways to improve.  It might be a good idea to come see me in my office in the next week or so to discuss the exam results.   More generally, anyone who is dissatisfied with his or her score on the exam is invited to see me about it.


Impressions of class performance.  Scores on the multiple choice items were lower than they should be for a course like this.  I suspect that this reflects, at least in part, the novelty of being asked to understand mathematical ideas both verbally and conceptually to so great an extent.  It is difficult to know whether an incorrect multiple choice answer means that the student did not understand the concept, or that he/she didn't understand the wording of the question, or made an error marking the answer, or something else.  The mathematical skills questions show that most of the class has quite a solid command of the procedures that we have covered.  I encourage everyone to put greater emphasis on extracting important ideas from the reading, just as you would in a course in say history or philosophy.  It is a useful skill to be able to identify and master important concepts, and to be able to write coherently and concisely about them.  Beyond that, because terminology in math has a very specific meaning, if you do not know the terminology clearly and correctly, the lectures and the reading will not make complete sense to you.

Looking Ahead.   I will be returning the exams on Tuesday, 10/17/17.  Group Exam solutions will be due on 10/24/17.  Please review the  instructions.  We will be going on to section 3.3 next.