Elementary Math Models -- Fall 2017

Information about the second exam

Our second exam will be Tuesday, 10/10/2017.  It will cover Chapter 2 sections 3 and 4, and Chapter 3 sections 1 and 2.  You should be prepared for a variety of types of questions: including reading comprehension, math skills, problem in context items, and multiple choice items like the "clicker questions" we have seen in class several times.

To help you study, I am providing a sample exam: CLICK HERE.  The formulas that appear on page 2 of the sample exam will also be provided on the real exam.  It is up to you to know what the equations are for and how to use them.  I am also providing some "clicker questions" HERE.  Some of these were discussed in class.

As was true for the first sample exam, this is not a comprehensive review.  It serves merely to illustrate a mix of question styles (procedures, conceptual understanding, definitions and notation) and the approximate length you can expect.  In general, an exam on a body of material cannot directly test every single topic or idea covered.  There is not enough time.  So, in making up an exam, I have to choose certain things to include and others to leave out.  The same is true of the sample exam.  But do not assume that the real exam will include and leave out exactly the same topics as the sample exam.  There will almost certainly be things on the sample exam that do not appear on the real exam, and vice versa. 

PORTFOLIO.  Repeating the information from the first exam, if you are compiling a portfolio,  BRING YOUR PORTFOLIO TO THE EXAM for me to review.  Also BE SURE TO PICK IT UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE after the exam.  Directions for making your portfolio are here.