Finite Mathematics - Elementary Models
Fall 2017
Review Information For Final Exam

Important Notes:

  1. Our final exam is scheduled for Friday, Dec 15, 11:20AM - 1:50PM.  

  2. I will hold modified office hours during the finals period.  Details will be posted on our webpage and blackboard.

  3. In order for classwork, projects, homework, etc to be included in your grade, you must bring your Portfolio to the final exam. I will assign each portfolio a score to use in determining final grades. If you do not turn in a portfolio, your grade will be based entirely on the in-class exams and the final.

    At the final I will not be checking the assignments that were already reviewed at prior exams.  To get credit for that work you MUST include the review sheets from those earlier exams.  If your portfolio was not reviewed at one or more of the earlier exams, and if you have work that you wish to be considered at the final, you will have to bring your portfolio to my office sometime during office hours so that this work can be reviewed.  However, this work will be considered late, and will not carry the full credit that it would have earned if it had been done on time.

  4. Portfolios will be returned during the final exam.  If for some reason I need to keep your portfolio longer than that, it can be picked up from me next semester. Any portfolio not claimed by April 1, 2018 will be discarded. If you wish to make other arrangements to get your portfolio back, please email me.
Exam Overview: The final exam will count for  25 percent of your grade. It will have 125 possible points (as compared to the midterm exams that each had 100 points).  About 2/3 of the final will cover the material we considered after the previous exam: sections 5.1, 5.2, and 6.1 - 6.3.  This part of the exam will be like the first three exams, with some or all of the following: essay questions, definitions and terminology, math skills, problems in context, and multiple choice items.  The rest of the final exam be on the course as a whole. This part will focus on themes, concepts, or methods that have run through the entire course, such as difference equations and functional equations; formulating and interpreting models; using numerical, graphical, and theoretical methods; and answering problem questions in the context of a model.  As part of this material you should be prepared to select one of the types of models we have studied that best represents a given table of data values, or a verbal description of a problem context.  You should also be prepared to formulate a difference equation model.  Among other things, that means you have to be able to give clear definitions of variables, including units of measurement.   Questions on this material may also ask for short essays, or use multiple choice, T/F, matching, or other similar formats.   I may also include one or more items from midterm exams.

Sample Exam Questions. A sample exam is being provided for the final.  The questions on the sample exam definitely do not cover everything that might appear on the real final exam. It is only intended to illustrate the kinds of questions that might be asked.   Also, the sample exam may be longer than the actual final.  I put the sample exam together from final exams I have used in other semesters, without regard to overall length. 

As you work through the sample questions, don't write on the test sheet. Use separate sheets of paper and write down your reasons and your work, as well as your answers. On the exam, correct reasons and work will contribute to your score.

Sample Multiple Choice Questions.  A separate document with some sample multiple choice items is provided here.

Formulas Provided.  The final exam will include a reference list with most of the formulas that you might need.  The same formulas in the same format are included in the sample exam.  It is your responsibility to know what these are for and how to use them.