Foundations of Mathematics Spring 2017
Comments on the first exam

Scores for the first exam have been posted on blackboard.  Exams will be returned in class on Tuesday, 2/28/17.  It is important that you come to class to pick up your exam because you are assigned to work with a group to write up a set of solutions that will be due Tuesday, 3/7.  Exam solutions are a required component for the course portfolio.  Specific directions are posted here.  

When you get your exam, please double check that I have added up the points correctly and also that the score on your paper is the same as the one posted on blackboard.  I try hard not to make errors totaling or recording scores.  But if an error has been made, I will want to correct it as soon as possible.

The exam scores are shown in the histogram below.

exam 1 histogram

The histogram shows that the class as a whole did pretty well.  Over 1/2 of the scores are at 90 or above, and all but a few of the scores are at 80 or above.  At this point nearly everyone is earning a satisfactory grade, and most are on track for a final grade of B or better.  

To interpret your exam score, you should understand my grading system.  I work with a numerical scale from 50 to 100.  When I grade the answer to a problem, I first make a judgement as if I were assigning a letter grade to that particular item.  An A answer should receive between 90% and 100%  of the points;  a B between 80% and 90%, and so on.  So if you receive half the points on an item, that means I consider the response to that item as a fail.  Anything less than 70% on an item indicates your response was judged to be unsatisfactory.