Linear Algebra Math 310
Spring 2017
Homework Info in Detail

Assigned problems for each section of the text are listed here, here, and here.  A separate webpage shows when each assignment is due.  These webpages are subject to change during the semester, so it is not recommended to work from a printed copy: always consult the up to date version on line.

Generally, you will be expected to complete homework after each class meeting. An online assignment sheet shows problems for each section of the text.  When a section is covered in one class meeting, the assigned homework will be collected the following class. 

Unless announced otherwise, plan to hand in an assignment (or possibly to do some homework problems online) for each section of the text the class meeting following the first time that section is discussed in class, even if no specific asignment is made in class, and even if the entire section is not covered in class.

For most people, learning mathematics involves two stages: understanding and retention. At first, doing the exercises will help you to understand the ideas. But it is not enough to understand - when it comes to the exam you will also have to remember. That requires practice and drill. The homework assignments are intended to serve as a guide, and they should be modified to suit your personal needs. If you find that you need more drill and practice to remember important ideas and procedures, then do not limit yourself to the homework that will be collected. On the other hand, you may wish to do less than the assigned amount of drill and practice if you learn and retain the material quickly.

In some cases you may not complete an entire assignment, either because you do not understand all of the questions, or because you run out of time. In all cases, hand in as much of the assignment as you have completed at the next class period. You should also complete the assignments, as necessary, but these do not have to be handed in. The completed assignment can be handed in at the next class, if no new section has been introduced. Whether or not you hand in the completed assignment, put it in your portfolio (see below).

Starred Exercises.  Most of each assignment drills you in the important procedures that arise in each section of the text. In addition, I have assigned a few more theoretical or conceptual problems, generally at the end of each assignment. Some of these are indicated with a * in the assignment sheet. You may consider these to be optional problems, but are encouraged to attempt them, to reinforce and extend your conceptual understanding of the material. These problems are especially important for declared or potential Math Majors, Minors, and anyone who expects to take higher level mathematics courses. If you are in this category, please read  A Note to Math Majors.

FORMAT:  The problems for each section of the text should be stapled together in one packet, with the section identified at the top of the first page.  Do not crowd solutions to multiple problems onto a single line, or side by side on your paper.  Leave space between the end of one problem and the start of the next. 

Except for questions that can be answered by inspection, simply writing an answer to a homework question is unsatisfactory.  Show work leading to each answer, or explain how you reached the answer, or explain why your answer is valid.  Make sure your homework demonstrates that you have done more than copy answers from the back of the book. 

Please follow the format shown in this sample

Homework is collected and reviewed as a service to you. It provides a way for you to receive individual feedback on your work, and indications of errors or misunderstandings. Work that meets the format requirements and that is turned in on time will be promptly returned. I cannot promise that the same attention will be given to work that is hard to read or turned in late. Please review the returned assignments carefully, to see if there are topics that you need to study more carefully.

If you get stuck on an exercise, DO NOT SPEND HOURS SPINNING YOUR WHEELS!!! Sometimes a few short minutes with a classmate, tutor or with me can get you back on track again. This can even be done over the phone. Please feel free to call me in my office if you have a question. In any case, DO NOT LET IT SLIDE. Get the help you need right away, so you don't fall behind. Working with another person, or in a group, can be very helpful in this regard.

Although you are encouraged to work with others, you are expected to work actively on the problems. Do not let someone else do all the work, or just copy their answers. This will not contribute to your understanding, and will result in poor exam grades. Remember, handing in assignments is not an end in itself. The assignments are there to help you learn the material.