Math.310.001 Linear Algebra
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Dan Kalman Letts Hall  LL5D  (Lower level, entrance located opposite the health center)
Phone 885-3122              Email:
Office Hours: Tu, W, F  11AM - 12:30 drop in;  Th 1:30 - 3PM by prior appointment.  See schedule below.
Feel free to phone my office anytime, make an appointment, drop in, or send me an email

Course Info

Text: Linear Algebra and its Applications, updated 3rd Edition by David Lay 

Grades: Final Exam - 28%, 2 in-class exams - 28% each, optional course portfolio - 16%

Class Meets: Tu Fri 12:55 - 2:10 PM 

Course Webpage: Go to and click the link for linear algebra

                    Objectives:  See this webpage.

Academic Integrity (cheating and its consequences): See this webpage.

Attendance & Missed Exams: See this webpage



Each week, most students should spend 6 to 10 hours out of class for a three credit course (based on a 12 to 15 credit load and a 40 to 50 hour full time week). Expect each homework assignment to take 3 to 5 hours. It may not be wise to plan on doing the entire assignment at one sitting!   See the Homework Details for more information about format requirements, due dates, and so on..

Exam Dates




First Midterm



Second Midterm



Final Exam: 11:20AM - 1:50 PM