Linear Algebra, Spring 2017

Information About the 2nd Midterm Exam

Our second exam will be on Friday, 3/31/2017.  It will cover the material presented in class and in assignments since the first exam.  That includes sections 4.1 - 4.3, 4.5 - 4.6, and 5.1 - 5.2 of the text, as well as the determinants handout and the difference equation models handout.    Please remember to bring your portfolio to the exam for my review.  Be sure that a copy of your group's first exam solutions is included.

At the bottom of this page is a link to some sample exam questions. It is intended to give you a feel for the kinds of questions that will be asked on the real exam, and for the format of the real exam.   However, this sample problem set is not intended to reflect the length of the actual exam.  The actual exam will be shorter than the sample problem set. 

Please Note: This is not a comprehensive  review of all the material you will be responsible for on the exam. Neither the sample problem set, nor the real exam, makes any attempt to include everything the class has covered. There is just too much material to test on one in-class exam. Some things we have studied will not appear on the exam at all. Both the real exam and the sample problem set contain questions concerning a subset of all that we have covered.  You should expect some material that was not on the sample problem set to show up on the real exam, and also that some material covered on the sample set will not appear on the real exam.  To be sure you are ready for the exam, you need to know all the material we covered -- not just the subset that appears on the sample exam. 

I recommend that you review all the material first.  You should study definitions and terminology (the language of the course), procedures (how to do things), and theorems (factual knowledge about what is true). Be prepared not only to do procedures (such as finding determinants and determining whether a given set of vectors is a basis), but also to explain how and why you do the steps you do, and why those steps are valid.  To do this, you need to know correct statements of theorems, what those statements mean, and have some understanding of why the statements are true.

After studying all this material in the text, try to complete the items on the sample problem set under something like real test taking conditions: no notes, book, or other references.  Afterward, review the course material again to find answers to any problems in the sample set that stumped you.  Any unresolved questions from the sample problem set can be discussed in class on Tuesday, 3/28.

Click here for the sample problem set. Solutions will be posted by Tuesday, 3/28.