Math 310 Linear Algebra
Spring 2017
Review Information For Final Exam

Important Notes:

  1. Our final Exam will be on Friday, 5/5/2017, 11:20AM - 1:50 PM, in our normal classroom.  
  2. I will hold the following office hours during finals week:  Tuesday 12:30-2:30PM  and Thursday 1:30 - 3PM, but will not have office hours Wed or Friday.  If you want to see me and cannot make it to a scheduled office hour, please contact me to arrange an alternative.
  3. In order for classwork, projects, homework, etc to be included in your grade, you must bring your Portfolio to the final exam. I will assign each portfolio a score to use in determining final grades. If you do not turn in a portfolio, your grade will be based entirely on the in class exams and the final.
  4. Portfolios will be returned during the final exam.  If you forget to take your portfilio with you after the exam,  it can be picked up from me next semester. Any portfolio not claimed by October 1, 2017 will be discarded. If you wish to make other arrangements to get your portfolio back, please email me.
Exam Overview:  The final exam will be about the same length as the midterm exams and will count for 100 points.  It will cover everything we have considered from chapters 5 and 6, including material presented in worksheets and hanouts.  Copies of all handouts are posted at this webpage. For the final you are responsible for the last 7 items listed, excluding the portfolio review sheet.  The final worksheet is a set of problems from chapters 5 and 6 that may be useful as you prepare for the exam.