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News and Announcements

4/25/17 In class you will be working on a worksheet of review questions from chapters 5 and 6.  Also, information about the final exam has been posted here. 
In the next two or three class meetings, we will be looking at material from two handouts.  They can be downloaded from the Worksheets and Handouts page, and are also linked from the 3rd Assignment Sheet, both of which have recently been updated.  Also, as announced in class, there will not be a handout on applications of eigenvalues, so you may disregard the reference to that on the page of assignment due dates.   However, all students should be able to complete the problems 101-103 for section 5.1 that appear on the 2nd Assignment Sheet.  Problems of this sort may appear on the final exam in connection with applicatons of eigenvalues.
I  have modified the semester plan and the  page of assignment due dates.
3/29/17 The form I will fill when I review portfolios on the exam and one inclass worksheet have been posted on the worksheets and handouts page.  You can look at the portfolio review sheet to see what I will be looking for when I do the reviews.
3/28/17 Here is the answer key for the sample exam. 
We have an exam scheduled for Friday, 3/31.  Information about the exam, including sample problems, is posted here
For class on 3/10 I will be covering the material in this handout on difference equations.  There are a few exercises at the end, and they are assigned for 3/21.  The 2nd assignment sheet and the assignment due dates page have been updated to reflect this new assignment.
The exams have been graded.  Individual scores have been posted in blackboard.  Please read comments about the curve and other information here.
Here is the answer key for the sample exam.
We have an exam scheduled for Friday, 2/17.  Information about the exam, including a sample exam, is posted here.  Also, in class Tuesday we will be covering the topic of determinants.  An outline on this material is available here.
I  have modified the page of assignment due dates, so that the problems from section 1.5 are due this Friday rather than tomorrow.
I am asking everyone to prepare for computer activities before the first day of class.  Please read about the details here.
Please read the following handouts:  Course Info (Overview),   Course Info (Details),   Semester Plan,   Portfolio Q&A,   and Computer Activities and Tools.  Math majors, minors, potential majors and minors, and students planning to take advanced math courses (500 level) should also read  Note for Math Majors, Minors, and others.   Also, please print out a copy of this survey, fill it out, and then bring it to class.
Please read this important information about the required text and software for this course.