Student Research

I have directed research projects of several students.  The list below highlights the work that some recent students have done.

  1. Mark Verdi, summer research project on polynomials with closed Lill paths.  (See the next to the last abstract on the last page of this document .)

    Mark worked on this during Summer 2012, discovering the interesting result that a polynomial with a closed Lill path has roots of i and -i.  He presented his work at the Fall MAA Section Meeting and he and I hope to write a paper on this and other results in spring 2013.

  2. Tim Clem, honors capstone project, Magic Numbers and Extensions, Spring 2007

  3. Sarah Gourlie, summer research and honors capstone project,  Graphical Studies of the Complex Geometric Series, 2004-2006

    Sarah started her work with a summer research project in 2004, and followed up with a semester research course in Fall 2005.  She presented a paper at a regional MAA math conference in Spring 05, winning an award, and her capstone project paper in 2006 won an Outstanding Capstone Award from the Honors Program.

  4. Tim Clem, summer research project, Automatic Differentiation, 2005

    Tim worked on his project in summer 05, and presented a paper describing his findings at a conference at Ohio State.

  5. Jason Richwine, summer research and honors capstone project, Voting Power in the Electoral College, 2003 - 2004

    Jason's  research began with a summer project in 2003, followed by independent study for his honors capstone.  He presented a paper on his work at a conference at Ohio State in 2003. In recognition of this project and his other academic achievements, he won the prestigious Student Award for Outstanding Scholarship at the Undergraduate Level in 2004.  His project was also featured in an article in the AU science magazine Catalyst.