The Marriage of Matrices and Polynomials
AU's Math 496 Spring 2018

About the course organizer and instructor:

Dan Kalman is nationally known as a mathematical writer and lecturer.  He has been investigating properties of matrices and polynomials (among other things) for over 35 years.  Professor Kalman has given invited lectures and keynote addresses at many national and regional mathematical conferences, student mathematics conferences, and events hosted by student organizations.  Recent examples include two keynote addresses at the Miami University Mathematics Conference in 2014, co-presenting a minicourse (The Hitchhiker's Guide to Mathematics) at MAA's Mathfest 2015, and a professional development lecture to the AP Calculus Exam graders in 2016.

His writing has won numerous awards from the Mathematical Association of America, including the 2012 Beckenbach Book Prize for a book on polynomials and related topics.

Kalman has also acquired something of a reputation as a fan, promoter, and practitioner of the art of the pun.  However, his propensities in this area have been grossly exaggerated.1

1.  As documented by the MAA (see page 57).