Writing Awards

The Mathematical Association of America publishes books and journals of expository mathematics at one level or another.  It also gives awards for outstanding expository articles and books.  I have received nine of these awards, as shown in the following list.  The article names link to pdf versions of the articles.

Another Way to Sum a Series: Generating Functions, Euler, and the Dilog Function, (with coauthor Mark McKinzie)
American Mathematical Monthly
, 2012, pp 42-51.
2013 Ford Award

Harvey Plotter and the Circle of Irrationality,
(with coauthor Nathan Carter)
Math Horizons
, vol. 19:2 (2011), p. 10-13.
2012 Evans Award

Uncommon Mathematical Excursions: Polynomia and Related Realms
Mathematical Association of America, 2008 (book).
2012 Beckenbach Book Prize

An Elementary Proof of Marden’s Theorem
American Mathematical Monthly
, 2008, pp 330-338.
2009 Ford Award

Doubly Recusive Multivariate Automatic Differentiation
Mathematics Magazine, 2002, pp 187-202.
2003 Allendoerfer Award

An Undetermined Linear System for GPS
College Mathematics Journal
, 2002, pp 384-390.
2003 Polya Award

Variations on an Irrational Theme--Geometry, Dynamics, Algebra
 (with coauthors Robert Mena and Shariar Shariari)
Mathematics Magazine, 1997, pp 93-104.
1998 Allendoerfer Award

A Perfectly Odd Encounter in a Reno Cafe
Math Horizons, 1996, pp 5 - 7.
1997 Evans Award

Six Ways to Sum a Series
College Mathematics Journal, 1993, pp 402 - 421.
1994 Polya Award