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(With Mark McKinzie) Another Way to Sum a Series: Generating Functions, Euler, and the Dilog Function. American Mathematical Monthly, Volume 119, Number 1, January 2012, pp 42 - 51.

coming soon (With Nathan Carter) Harvey Plotter and the Circle of Irrationality.  Math horizons, November 2011, pp 10-13.

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(With Herb Bailey)  Walking With a Slower Friend.  College Math Journal,
Volume 42, Number 5, Nov 2011, pp 384 -387.
glog.pdf 374 KB 4/2/2001 A Generalized Logarithm for
Exponential-Linear Equations.  Reprint from College Math Journal
newtonsID.pdf 120 KB 7/24/2000 A Matrix Proof of Newton's Identities. Reprint from Mathematics Magazine
svd.pdf 775 KB 2/12/2002 A Singularly Valuable Decomposition: The SVD of a Matrix.  Reprint from College Mathematics Journal.
mardenAMM.pdf 195 KB 4/12/2008 An Elementary Proof of Marden's Theorem,
Reprint from American Math Monthly.
remainder.pdf 55 KB 10/2/2003 An Extension of the Remainder Theorem. Reprint from Delta.
gps.pdf 1331 KB 11/17/2002 An Underdetermined Linear System for GPS.  Reprint from College Math Journal
archimedesMH.pdf 289 KB 4/12/2008 Archimedes in the 5th Dimension,
Reprint from Math Horizons.
Eval.pdf 99 KB 7/24/2000 Difficulty Based Evaluation of Teaching
Methods and Materials
mmgautodiff.pdf 175 KB 11/3/2002 Doubly Recursive Multivariate Automatic Differentiation.  Reprint from Math. Mag.
maanotesemm.pdf 223 KB 4/18/2008 Elementary Math Models: College Algebra Topics and a Liberal Arts Approach. Reprint of chapter 32 from MAA Notes volume A Fresh Start for Collegiate Mathematics.
jan02.pdf 112 KB 1/3/2002 Elementary Mathematical Models and a
Glimpse of Chaos.  Slides from a talk.
amatycemm.pdf 49 KB 6/3/2003 Entry Level College Mathematics: Algebra or Modeling.  Reprint from AMATYC Review
glog2.pdf 170 KB 7/24/2000 Integrability and the glog Function.
Preprint from AMATYC Review.
rain.pdf 297 KB
Keeping Dry: the Mathematics of Running in the Rain.
Reprint from Math. Mag.
lagrange.pdf 634 KB
6/22/2009 Leveling with Lagrange: An Alternate View
of Constrained Optimization. Reprint from Math. Mag.
models.pdf 60 KB 7/21/2003 Math Modeling in the Prior-to-Calculus
Curriculum.  Slides from a talk.
determ.pdf 165 KB 7/24/2000 Outline on Determinants.  Class handout.
circtalk.pdf 255 KB 10/13/2001 Polynomial Equations and Circulant Matrices.  Slides from a talk.
circulant.pdf 333 KB 11/20/2001 Polynomial Equations and Circulant
Matrices.  Reprint from American Mathematical Monthly
Newcubic.pdf 127 KB 7/24/2000 Simple Solution of the Cubic,
Preprint from College Math Journal
Sixways.pdf 1722 KB 9/25/2003 Six Ways to Sum a Series
Reprint from College Math Journal
rainMH.pdf 748 KB
Soggy Jogging in Flatland: a 2D Analysis of Running in the Rain.
Reprint from Math Horizons.
ladder_paper_MM.pdf 219 KB 4/12/2008 Solving the Ladder Problem on the Back of an Envelope,
Reprint from Mathematics Magazine.
resources.pdf 454 KB 5/17/2001 Teaching Linear Algebra: Issues and Resources.  Reprint from College Mathematics Journal
fib.pdf 182 KB 6/3/2003 The Fibonacci Numbers -- Exposed.
Slides from a talk.
fibpaper.pdf 172 KB 6/22/2003 The Fibonacci Numbers -- Exposed.
Reprint from Math Magazine.
ellipsedeflectionCMJ.pdf 563 KB 4/12/2008 The Maximal Deflection on an Ellipse,
Reprint from College Math Journal.
mardenMH.pdf 128 KB 4/12/2008 The Most Marvelous Theorem in Mathematics,
Reprint from Math Horizons.
fibpyth.pdf 125 KB 6/3/2003 The Pythagonacci Family Reunion.
Slides from a talk.
irrat.pdf 235 KB 7/24/2000 Variations on an Irrational Theme -- Geometry, Dynamics, Algebra.  Preprint from Mathematics Magazine.
kymaa.pdf 194 KB 7/24/2000 Viewing Polynomial Roots With Matrix Eyes.  Slides from a talk.
8/15/2003 Virtual Empirical Investigation.  Html version with color illustratiions.
virtualmonthly.pdf 241 KB 1/9/2006 Virtual Empirical Investigation: Concept Formation and Theory Justification.  Reprint from American Math Monthly.
virtual.pdf 638 KB 8/5/2004 Virtual Mathematics.  Slides from a talk.
MMExistence.pdf 246 KB 7/24/2000 When Existence is Enough, Reprint from Mathematics Magazine